RACINGLINE PERFORMANCE into world time attack with audi r8 1:1

how does 1300hp in an r8 sound?

20 JANUARY, 2017 - RacingLine Performance is today announcing their entry into the World Time Attack in Sydney next October. Working with the Audi R8 1:1 team, the objective is simple: to become the fastest time attack car in the World.



9 JANUARY, 2017 - 2017 promises to be
yet another hugely successful year for Racingline Performance and the excitement kicks up a gear with its presence at the world-famous Autosport International show at the Birmingham NEC (12 – 15 January, 2017).



20 DECEMBER, 2016 - Christmas comes a few days early as Racingline Performance gets the UK's first Audi S4 B9 onto our development fleet. Read our initial thoughts on the all-new car.


gti international and vag tuner live

12 JULY, 2016 - Racingline Performance teams up with its exclusive UK distributor Awesome GTI to showcase
its latest and most popular performance upgrades at GTI International and VAG Tuner Live.



14 OCTOBER, 2015 - Racingline Performance’s exclusive Australian importer and distributor, Harding Performance, uses RacingLine Performance to win coveted 2015 Toyo Tyres Hot Tuner Challenge.



20 JANUARY, 2017 - RacingLine Performance today announced a major partnership with the Audi R8 1:1 team in the quest to become the fastest Time Attack car in the world. The Finnish Audi R8 1:1 will run in full RacingLine Performance livery for the 2017 campaign.

The Audi R8 1:1 team, led by driver and Finnish Time Attack Champion Sami Sivonen and Team Engineer Jyrki Repo have developed the R8 into a highly sophisticated race car with the capability of winning the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) ProAm Class.  With the depth of engineering that is shown amongst leading WTAC competitors, this is no small feat.

The 1:1 in the team name gives the clue to the heart of this R8 – representing the power to weight ratio of one horsepower per kilogram. Given the 1300kg weight of the car, this means no less than 1300hp coming from the Audi V10 5.2 engine. Twin Garrett turbos and MoTeC engine management boost the power, driving through the rear wheels via a Holinger LG6 sequential paddleshift box to get the power to the track. As with other leading WTAC contenders, a huge aero package helps to keep the R8 firmly planted on the circuit at high speed.

This will not be a new relationship between the team and RacingLine Performance. Last October, Sami and Jyrki travelled to Australia to get experience in the WTAC event at Sydney Motorsport Park. They entered in RacingLine Australia’s development Golf 7 R Stage 3 car, complete with every chassis, brake and engine upgrade offered by RacingLine Performance, together with a development version of the RacingLine OEM+ engine software.

The Golf, run by Australian partner Harding Performance, took part in the Clubsprint class. Despite running ‘only’ 500hp in the Golf and experiencing a frustrating number of sessions disrupted by red flags, Sivonen enjoyed both the car and the event. So much that the team committed to return in 2017 with the R8 1:1, but this time targeting outright victory.

Through early 2017, the R8 1:1 will take part in selected Finnish Time Attack events before the car, tools and a spares package are freighted across the globe to RacingLine Australia. Once there, Harding Performance will again pick up the baton and provide the local ground support for the team’s ambitions for overall victory in the World Time Attack event in Sydney.

“We are super-excited and motivated to get the Audi R8 1:1 to a point where we have a serious chance of becoming the fastest Time Attack car in the world this October,” explained Sivonen.

“It’s a natural step for us to partner with RacingLine Performance and RacingLine Australia for this challenge. We competed with their Golf 7R Stage 3 car and were really impressed by the speed and quality of their Performance Parts range on that car. Equally there is a lot of technology transfer that they can offer to us to further build on the speed and reliability of the R8 1:1.”

This isn’t the only Audi R8 motorsport car that RacingLine Performance will be involved with in 2017, having recently acquired their own R8 LMS-spec GT car in full endurance racing specification.  Their own plans for this R8 will be announced shortly.

This is very much a joint approach between RacingLine Performance and the R8 1:1 team. Fuel components from RacingLine’s Fluid Transfer division are already in production, whilst development suspension parts taken from the R8 1:1 will be fitted to RacingLine’s own R8. These upgrades will be offered for public sale once development and testing have been completed.

“RacingLine Performance is really excited to be fully involved with the Audi R8 1:1 project,” said Sam Roach, RacingLine’s Managing Director. “This supports our own R8 race car development and the push behind our Audi Performance Parts range.

“It’s also just the sort of programme that we as a company in the UK and Australia love to be a part of with our motorsport backgrounds. We’ve known Jyrki and Sami for many years, and love their approach to achieving the seemingly impossible!”



9 JANUARY, 2017 - 2017 promises to be yet another hugely successful year for Racingline Performance and the excitement kicks up a gear this week with its presence at the world-famous Autosport International show at the Birmingham NEC (12 – 15 January, 2017).

“There’s no better way to start the year than at the Autosport International show,” said Racingline Performance technical director Matthew Walker. “It’s always the first major date in our calendar and a fantastic opportunity for us to meet with partners, customers and enthusiasts from around the world.”

Taking centre stage will be the purest expressions of Racingline Performance’s ‘race to road’ philosophy; its Volkswagen Scirocco and Golf 7 R Track Editions. With the full catalogue of Racingline Performance parts fitted, the closest road-going versions of Volkswagen Racing Cup cars are sure to turn heads.

A range of products from Racingline Performance’s new fluid transfer division will be on display; with a special debut of Dave Rowe’s jaw-dropping Audi S1 E2 Quattro which features a phenomenal 800bhp TTRS 2.5 litre engine for a beating heart. Rowe has built the beast to take on the formidable Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2017 and has fitted it with Racingline Supalite hoses and plumbing.

The Racingline Performance stand (number 19020) will showcase the very best from its desirable product line-up. From market leading air intakes, ever-popular suspension kits and light alloy wheels to the latest products which have taken the world of performance automotive by storm. Including VWR silicone hose kits, the ultimate in oil management systems and the newest offering which every enthusiast wants to get their hands on, the exquisite VWR DSG Paddle Shift Replacement.

“The Racingline Performance range continues to grow as we further establish ourselves as the brand of choice for VWG performance upgrades,” enthused Walker. “We have a host of exciting new products in the pipeline to be released throughout 2017.”



20 DECEMBER, 2016 - So we’ve driven our new B9 S4 development car for 24 hours now - the first customer car released in the UK. And of course everyone wants to know how the it feels. We’ve got a good starting place for the comparisons, as we’re coming straight out of our last-generation B8 S4 development car as our benchmark.

The big news under the bonnet is the switch from supercharger to a single turbocharger on the 3.0 TFSI EA838, plus the adoption of an 8-speed automatic gearbox replacing the old car’s dual clutch S-tronic (DSG) box. The turbo engine’s power outputs are up 20bhp over the old car to 354bhp and the new S4 weighs in at around 75kg less. So the signs are good.

In our case, performance is a slightly unfair performance comparison, as our B8 S4 is packing quite a few extra horses for our OEM+ calibration development. The new turbo engine is an interesting configuration. It has a single turbo fed by "reverse flow" heads which have the exhaust ports in the V of the engine, a similar 'hot V' arrangement to what we've already seen on the twin-turbos of the 4.0L V8 S6/S7. The manifolds for both banks are now integrated into the twin scroll turbo housing - all of which should improve spool response. This engine has been developed jointly with Porsche, with similar versions appearing in the Macan already.

Although the new engine has decent throttle response for a turbo, compared to the supercharged motor it does start to feel softer-edged towards the top end. Torque is strong in any gear, right from low revs. It’s certainly the old engine that feels the more characterful with a sharper edge to the driving experience - but for daily driving, the new engine is smooth, refined and exceptionally quiet. Only a little more exhaust burble plus the new cabin noise-generator adds a more purposeful growl than the old car offered – although we can argue about electronic noise synthesisers all day long, it undeniably sounds better under acceleration. 

The new ZF 8-speed auto box is superbly good, with smooth and quick changes. Rather disappointingly, we never found the old B8’s S-tronic ‘box to be quite as surgically precise and quick-acting as we hoped it would – certainly not as whip-crack sharp as the DSG ‘box does in fast Golfs. So even if it instinctively feels like a retrograde step giving up on dual-clutch and going back to a torque-converter auto box, it actually does achieve that magic mix of being fast-acting when you want, and invisible when you don’t. Very good - and maybe the beginning of the end for the twin-clutches?

The Quattro system in the new S4 can now send 85 per cent to the rear when it needs to, which on first impressions help avoid the slightly nose-heavy feeling powering out of bends in the B8 model. A bit more time in the car on dry roads will tell us more about the on-limit handling under power; but so far, so good. The steering is light and crisper than the B8 feels, with keener turn-in and more agility than before, feeling a bit lighter on its feet than its predecessor. Brakes haul off the speed with good pedal feel, although just starting to feel slightly spongy after a few hard stops. No doubt carrying 75kg less helps with these dynamics.

Inside the car, it’s like we’ve leapfrogged several decades in one step. Think how the Back to the Future DeLorean looked when it went back to the 1955 scenes; that's the effect of switching from B8 to B9. The first thing that strikes you about the B9 S4 is the superb interior layout and sheer quality of the materials (especially those fabulous hard-backed SuperSport diamond-stitched seats in our car). Power the car up and the brilliant virtual cockpit system springs into life, along with the central wide display mounted high on the dash (is it a bit of a shame that it doesn’t power itself in and out like other high-end Audis do...?).  The gadget list of Car Play and Google maps are just exceptional and a delight to use. The LED light packs turn night to day, with even the turn indicators lighting up signs half a mile ahead. We won’t get bored of this interior or gadget-count for a long while.

This all sounds like the new car is in a different league to the old B8 S4. Which it is, technologically. But is it perfect?  Our only problem is that the S4 feels slightly too soft-edged, refined and, well, polite to be an invigorating enthusiast car. It’s all incredibly well-sorted and is certainly a good car packed with deep levels of engineering excellence, but it misses any sort of hard-edge to it, any sort of driving thrills. We can’t help feeling that it’s a bit more like a fast A4 than a true performance S-model. Our planned list of upgrades will undoubtedly help to turn this into the exceptional car that it clearly has potential to be.

And we can’t avoid mentioning the exterior styling can we?  Sharp edged, beautifully detailed and crisply finished bodywork, certainly. But should an Audi S-model not look a little more…exciting, or different to a ‘cooking’ A4? Sure, the plastic parts are treated to brushed-aluminium finishes, but is that alone enough to please us enthusiast owners? Maybe part of the appeal of the S4 is indeed its subtlety. But you’d be hard pressed at a glance to identify it as the top of the B9 range, which seems a missed opportunity. A bit of work on the wheels and ride height on our car to give it a little attitude certainly won’t hurt.

No doubt we’ll keep discovering more about this new B9 platform over coming months. On first impressions, we’re sure that an exceptional enthusiast car is lurking just underneath the surface. Now it's our job to free it.

The hard work begins now for us – watch this space!



12 JULY, 2016 - Racingline Performance was out in full force at the weekend. It teamed up with its exclusive UK distributor Awesome GTI to showcase its latest and most popular performance upgrades at GTI International and VAG Tuner Live.

Said Racingline Performance technical director Matthew Walker: “With Racingline Performance now many VWG car owners’ brand of choice for performance upgrades, GTI International and VAG Tuner Live are major dates in our calendar.

“It’s not hard to see why given the reception we have received from enthusiasts this weekend. Shows like this give us a brilliant opportunity to engage with them.”

Racingline Performance boasted a bumper array of show cars including one of its latest development cars: an Audi TT featuring OEM+ Stage 3 hardware and performance software, TCU calibration for DSG and chassis upgrades.

The 450bhp stunner hit the drag strip at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturday, blitzing the quarter-mile distance on multiple occasions much to the delight of spectators.

Other highlights included the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack with StreetSport suspension. It’s dramatically lowered chassis resting beautifully over a set of satin silver R360 alloy wheels. Whilst an Oettinger Golf 7 GTI with an eye-catching red VWR Full Silicone Hose Kit also captured the attention of many.

The purest expression of Racingline Performance’s “race to road” philosophy was embodied by its Scirocco and Golf 7 R Track Editions. With the full catalogue of Racingline Performance parts fitted these are the closest road-going versions of Volkswagen Racing Cup cars. The former sporting a striking new livery which meant there was no mistaking the Volkswagen Racing DNA coursing through its veins.

On Sunday at VAG Tuner Live the Scirocco got its turn to flex its muscles around the legendary Donington Park; looking very much at home on a circuit where its Volkswagen Racing Cup counterparts compete.

A freshly prepared 2.0 TSI EA888 GEN 3 Engine was on display at GTI international. It allowed visitors to get up close and personal with the ever-growing range of Racingline Performance engine ancillary and air intake upgrades which included: VWR Full Silicone Hose Kit, Stage 3 Turbo, Catch Tank Kit, Engine Mounts, R600 Air Intake and Intercooler System.   

A Racingline Performance Show Specials area meant customers could take advantage of discounted prices for its most sought after upgrades, proving a real hit with the public.

Commented Walker: “The sheer scale and variety of Racingline Performance show cars demonstrates the breadth and scope of our product range. If you own a VWG car, the likelihood is that we have the perfect performance upgrades for you.

“Having our UK sales agent Awesome GTI with us at the weekend has been crucial to the success of the retail element of our shows. Their sales team is incredibly knowledgeable and are superb advocates of our brand.“

Added Awesome GTI managing director Mark Ash: “As the distributor of Racingline Performance hardware in the UK it has been excellent to team up with them at both these shows to help visitors to better understand our fantastic relationship.

“Awesome GTI staff have been on the stands throughout the weekend. They know the product range inside out and are fully prepared to deal with any customer enquiries.

“The Show Specials have proved very popular. VWG enthusiasts are incredibly passionate about the Racingline Performance brand so have unsurprisingly leapt at the opportunity to get their hands on market leading VWG upgrades at discounted prices.” 



14 OCTOBER, 2015 - RacingLine Performance’s exclusive Australian importer and distributor, Harding Performance, used RacingLine Performance parts to great effect to win Motor Magazine’s coveted 2015 Toyo Tyres Hot Tuner Challenge with their unstoppable Golf 7 R. The devastatingly effective Golf R beat muscle cars, sports saloons, hot hatches, superminis and turbo JDM drifters from the finest tuners to top spot. It features the RacingLine Performance R600 Intake, Sport Springs, Monoblock Big Brake Kit and 18-inch light alloy wheels.

Harding Performance’s success with RacingLine Performance parts once again reinforces our standing at the forefront of tuning and performance automotive. It is also testament to the RacingLine Performance philosophy of developing parts via our world renowned motorsport programme and then refining them for road. The quality and performance that come with our parts really is second to none.